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Kristin Evans started Capture Our Moments over 10 years ago when she started working in photography and the beauty industry. It all began with makeover photoshoots where she would work with teens still in their insecure shells, give them beauty & fashion makeovers and then capture their gorgeous looks in photos (this was before Instagram was around)! 

Kristin continued to pursue her beauty career by working for companies such as Estee Lauder, and had fun doing hair & makeup for photoshoots, commercials, music videos, red carpets, runway, live events, weddings and more! 

At the same time, Kristin enjoyed her expanding her photography career working with talent and businesses in photoshoots, events, red carpets, runway, weddings, live events, concerts, behind the scenes, headshots and senior portraits.

Years later, Kristin has put together a whole team so that here at Capture Our Moments, we can come along side you to make your event magical, memorable and magnificent! 

Get to know our partner company, Spirinity Productions HERE!

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